Journal of Business and Management Sciences. 2015, 3(3), 96-100
DOI: 10.12691/JBMS-3-3-3
Original Research

On an Advertisement of the Koton Company -The Misleading Children

Fulya Acikgoz1,

1Bilkent University, Faculty of Business Administration, Bilkent Ankara, Turkey

Pub. Date: July 03, 2015

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Fulya Acikgoz. On an Advertisement of the Koton Company -The Misleading Children. Journal of Business and Management Sciences. 2015; 3(3):96-100. doi: 10.12691/JBMS-3-3-3


This article examines whether some advertisements may abuse children to make more money and reach broad target or not. This type of topic always is attractive in terms of media and psychologists and hence we just analyze one example advertisement, which is “Koton”, and by doing so, we see that it applies wrong strategies because of misleading children. With the help of this advertisement, we conclude that there is a huge relationship between advertisers and audiences in terms of marketing communications.


advertisement; marketing strategy, marketing communication


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